Robert Rosborough is a mediator, conflict coach and advisor (and lawyer) who helps individuals, organizations and families successfully navigate the decisions and resolve disputes that arise over the course of long-standing relationships.

Many of the disputes that arise in such cases are emotionally charged and the result of long-term patterns and behaviors. Foremost among these are elder and adult-family conflicts around issues associated with aging, from getting the whole family on board with an estate plan to fights over care for an ailing loved one to taking the car keys away. Mr. Rosborough helps individuals and families from the planning stages to the depths of litigated conflict.

Living arrangements are another source of particularly challenging conflict. Mr. Rosborough helps homeowners’ associations, landlords and tenants and neighbors in general resolve all types of issues arising out of how and where they live.

Long-term relationships such as business partnerships or between employer and employee often give rise to high-conflict disputes and Mr. Rosborough brings the same skill to resolving these fundamental disputes.

He can help whether you are in the depths of a litigated dispute, simply wondering what action you need to take or wanting help in the planning stages to head off later conflict.


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