Uncertainty and conflict are a part of modern life, especially when navigating the complexities of family and other long-term relationships. But constant anxiety, distress, and fractured relationships are not the inevitable result. Making difficult decisions and resolving conflict constructively can actually lead to greater life satisfaction, deeper understanding and healthier relationships. 

Unlike many other mediators who are attorneys, Mr. Rosborough recognizes that the legal issues are simply one aspect of the complex territory of conflict. Emotional, financial, and psychological issues each may play a profound role in driving conflict and Mr. Rosborough believes it is important to address the conflict on whatever level it needs to be addressed for resolution. By not shying away from what’s really driving conflict, one can often achieve a more comprehensive and durable resolution. It can lead to better communication and handling of conflicts in the future. And it can lay the seeds of emotional closure and forgiveness. It can also result in much faster, more efficient resolution. 

To this end, Mr. Rosborough is a member of Integrative Mediation Bay Area, which uses a co-mediation model of an attorney mediator and a mental-health-professional mediator working together to resolve disputes. While Mr. Rosborough happily works as a sole mediator, he strongly supports the integrative model for those with whom it resonates.

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