Robert Rosborough graduated from Stanford Law School and summa cum laude from Yale. He practiced law at Pillsbury, Madison and Sutro (now Pillsbury) in San Francisco for many years before becoming an elder and adult family mediator after caring for a parent with AIDS and then one with Alzheimer's, experiencing first-hand the innumerable attendant challenges and family conflicts.

His practice later expanded to other high-conflict areas involving long-standing relationships, such as partnerships and homeowner’s associations. He has served on the board of his own homeowner’s association for many years, usually as president, experiencing first-hand the wide range of issues that arise and what it takes to keep the peace. 

He received his initial training as a mediator through Community Boards in San Francisco, the first community mediation organization in the country and an organization for which he still volunteers. He also volunteers for the San Francisco Office of Citizen Complaints, mediating between the police and citizens who file complaints against them. 

He practices in Marin, San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area. He served on the board of the Marin County Bar Association for seven years, as president in 2022, and as editor of the Marin Lawyer magazine for six years. He practices trusts and estates and homeowner association law. He is also a professor at the Fromm Institute as well as a meditation teacher.

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